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CMC Space + Create –
community support through design


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Project: Create Market Display CMC space
Project Lead: Action Now & Goodsted
Project Support: Peckham Levels

Civic Makers Craft (CMC) Space is a non-profit project by Action-Now, which looks at creating a space that enables the design and manufacture of sustainable and up-cycled wood products which contributes to communities’ needs and wishes as well as providing training for woodworking and design skills.

Conceptual Vision

1 Sense of Community
2 Sense of Place
3 Communal Space
4 Leftover and Threshold Space
5 Studio opportunities
6 Multi functional designs
7 Events, markets and use Communal Space
8 Developing a Home for CMC Space
9 Needs and Functions

CMC Key Characteristics

•Designs involve right relationships and beneficial connections
•Develops goals, strategies and methods, not cookie cutter approaches
•Thinks at a strategic level about all the possibilities before arriving at a solution
•Can be applied to small scale designs and space
•Favours multi functionality
•Intensive rather than extensive systems
•Promotes diversity in species, cultivars, yields, microclimates, habitats and functions Involves the integra- tion of agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, foraging, and landform engineering
•Is adaptable to edges and marginal lands
•Makes use of the naturally inherent characteristics of animal, plant and land relationships
•Uses green and reusable timber
•Values appropriate technology
•Focuses on long term sustainability
•Helps make people self-reliant
•Roles and leadership that are interchangeable and revokable
•Arrives at solutions, not impose them
•Behave like a natural ecosystem
•Enables surrounding ecosystems to still function •Encourages succession
•Is regenerative
•Encourage friendships and meaningful connections using social design

The project kicked off its design phase with the volunteer design team in April, and a beautiful multi-functional marketing stand concept was created as a result of the brainstorming sessions.

CMC Space pilot project was greatly supported by PECKHAM LEVELS, who provided the much needed space for the workshop, as well as funds to purchase materials. After meeting sessions with Peckham Levels Community, the need for the strong engagement with the locals and visitors was taken on as a potential design brief by the project, as developing a purposeful and innovative output was one of the main goals.

The stand can convert into a sales stand, an exhibi- tion stand and a service stand. The stands aim to act as a versatile platform where the PECKHAM LEVELS community can promote their products and services.

The design was amended collaboratively during the crafting process to arrive at the nal version, and the CREATE Market Display concept was born.